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Happy new year Horror Music Bloggers!

Happy new year from all at Horror Music Blog!

2016 has been a busy year for me. I worked on numerous films, including the Curse of Robert the doll

I’m currently putting the finishing touches to ‘The Toymaker” which is released for later on in the year, and have a further 4 films that i’m attached to!

Early 2017 i was contacted by a fantastic composed called Megan McDuffee. She’s an award winning composer for video games and films. She’s been working on a horror single called ‘Disease’.

Disease” assaults and invades your ears with pulsing, gritty rhythms, eerie industrial sound design, deep dark synths, and a huge sinister climax.  I was inspired by Disasterpeace’s score to It Follows.

The single is available for pay-what-you-will on Bandcamp...

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Belated Happy New Year!

Oh my goodness, my last post was in July!

So sorry for leaving you all Horror music bloggers!


Just wanted to update you on a fantastic Artist (ok ok it’s not horror music) called Sam Hayles based in Scotland (UK). He creates incredible artwork, and does a lot of horror album covers. If you’ve got a moment then head over to his website and check out his work!

Sam Hayles

Over and out

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Sinister and Christopher Young

Hello Horror Music Lovers!

I’m currently writing this from Australia where i’ve been for the last few weeks on vacation!

Also wanted to share with you a fantastic score from the film Sinister. It’s written by Christopher Young, and the entire soundtrack can be found here

It’s a fantastic original score that is quite unique. Check out the use of percussion and cut up drums at the start.

Another great track from the suite is ‘Potrait of Mr Boogie’

A fantastic atmospheric and ambient style horror track. Very haunting and scary, and it takes its time to develop and change!

Hope you’re all well in Horror Music land! If you want us to review your music then drop us a message below with a link to your album or single and we will review it on!

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Sorry for the lack of Posts!

Sorry about the lack of posts lately Horror Music Bloggers!

Things have been very busy putting lots of plans into a revamp and face lift for our sister site The ONLY website dedicated to selling Horror Music for film, TV, Computer Games and much more!

Royalty Free Horror Music


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Hello Horror Music Lovers!

Sorry for the time out over the last few months Horror lovers! It’s been a busy time!


A couple of films are coming out this summer with the entire score composed by your’s truly! Check them out from Northbank entertainment




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The Sound of Souls Horror Concept Album is nearly here!

Ok so many of you have heard me talking about my new Horror Concept album ‘The Sound of Souls’ well we are getting closer!

Everything is heading towards a Halloween release in 2015, so not long and you will be able to download, stream and purchase the full album.

The Sound of Souls is a brand new Horror concept album from UK music composer Bobby Cole. Over 20 tracks spread across 3 acts, Bobby is going to be taking nursery rhymes, sea shanties, spiritual hymns and folk songs, making them scary and haunting!

The whole idea behind ‘The Sound of Souls’ is to take well known songs and pieces of music, twisting them, changing the melody, key and harmonies to make them sound haunting, sinister and deadly...

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Help support The Nightmare Man with their Indie Go Go!

Jason Harlow is back this year, producing a slasher movie that they hope to released soon!

The Nightmare Man

They are running a Indie Go Go campaign to raise much needed funds, they have all sorts of perks available and every little helps! So support indie film making today and click the link below to find out more.

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Top Ten Horror Soundtracks of 2014!

Happy new year Horror Music Lovers!

Welcome to 2015! This year promises to be a great year of Horror Music, with plenty of new scary films being released with killer soundtracks!

We thought that we would take this opportunity to look back on the scariest and thriller horror music soundtracks of 2014 with a top ten list!!! (Everyone loves a top ten list right?)

10 – The Purge Anarchy

What is quickly becoming a big franchise, i watched the Purge the other night. Some great music, understated but still with that scary vibe. A Little 28 Days later style, but you can’t blame them for trying too capture that vibe!

9 - The Babadook

Very interesting and unique soundtrack for this film. Scary as hell, but blending elements of EDM, Dubstep, Glitch and that Transformers ‘Glitch’ style sound...

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Top Five Horror films in 2015!

Coming to you in 2015 are some amazing Horror films with even better soundtracks!

This month we have rounded up the top ten horror films that are set to hit our screens in 2015!

5 - The Women In Black 2

Hot on the heels of the first film, the Women In Black 2 (Angel of Death) is coming out January 2nd!

The Women in Black 2, Angel of Death

4 - The Vatican Tapes

This looks like a great one - A leaked video tape reveals a Vatican exorcism gone very, very awry. This one’s out February 27th, 2015.

The Vatican Tapes

3 - Paranormal Activity - The Ghost Dimension

Another release from the Paranomal Activity franchise – coming March 13th, 2015.


2 - Insidious, Chapter 3

The third outing from the Insidious franchise, coming May 29th, 2015.


1 - Poltergeist

Coming in at number 1 on the list is the news that the original film Poltergeist i...

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Top Seven kids songs for Halloween!

Happy Halloween Horror Music Lovers!

Our favorite time of the year, get out the pumpkins and make sure you have enough sweets for the kids!

With that in mind, I thought I would make a more light hearted Blog post for Halloween!! So here are the top seven Halloween songs for kids this year!

7 – The Theme tune from Bewitched

Something nice and light to get the ball rolling! The original jazzy swing sound of the theme tune from Bewitched!

6 – Ding Dong the Witch is dead

From the film ‘The Wizard of Oz’, this song is sung as the wicked witch was crushed by Dorothty! A very regal marching style sound!

5 – Scooby Doo Theme Song

Going back in time for the original Scooby Doo Theme song. A nice 60′s flower power style sound!

4 – Thriller

Ok so we HAD to include this one...

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