The Sound of Souls Horror Concept Album is nearly here!

Ok so many of you have heard me talking about my new Horror Concept album ‘The Sound of Souls’ well we are getting closer!

Everything is heading towards a Halloween release in 2015, so not long and you will be able to download, stream and purchase the full album.

The Sound of Souls is a brand new Horror concept album from UK music composer Bobby Cole. Over 20 tracks spread across 3 acts, Bobby is going to be taking nursery rhymes, sea shanties, spiritual hymns and folk songs, making them scary and haunting!

The whole idea behind ‘The Sound of Souls’ is to take well known songs and pieces of music, twisting them, changing the melody, key and harmonies to make them sound haunting, sinister and deadly. Songs that have woven themselves into the everyday fabric of our lives will be turned upside down, as Horror music is presented in a new and unique way.

I’ve just finished a brand new promotional video for the album which will give you a much better idea of what it’s all about!



See you next month Horror music lovers!

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