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Top Ten Horror Soundtracks of 2014!

Happy new year Horror Music Lovers!

Welcome to 2015! This year promises to be a great year of Horror Music, with plenty of new scary films being released with killer soundtracks!

We thought that we would take this opportunity to look back on the scariest and thriller horror music soundtracks of 2014 with a top ten list!!! (Everyone loves a top ten list right?)

10 – The Purge Anarchy

What is quickly becoming a big franchise, i watched the Purge the other night. Some great music, understated but still with that scary vibe. A Little 28 Days later style, but you can’t blame them for trying too capture that vibe!

9 - The Babadook

Very interesting and unique soundtrack for this film. Scary as hell, but blending elements of EDM, Dubstep, Glitch and that Transformers ‘Glitch’ style sound...

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