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The top 5 scariest pieces of classical music!

Howdy Horror Music fans!

I’ve had a great response to this site, and i logged in this month to find over 8000 comments!!!!!

Today i’m looking at the top 5 scariest pieces of classical music. My main criteria for this post was I wanted to find traditional based classical music that is scary and haunting, and was not originally used for a film. Many of these pieces have gone on to feature in films, but they were first pieces of classical music.

You don’t often associate classical music with horror music, as sometimes the classical world can be quite ‘pompous’ and ‘above’ writing scary pieces of work, but the next five tunes will show classical music in a new light! Enjoy!

5 -¬†Mussorgsky-Stokowski – ¬†‘A Night on Bare Mountain

We kick off with a piece of classical music from Mussorgsky...

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