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A scary version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Ok so i had some great comments on my blog ‘top ten horror tracks’ it’s great to find people getting a lot from the blog!

This month i’m sharing with you guys some early details of a new horror concept album i’ve been working on for the last two years! The whole idea is too take well known songs such as Nursery Rhymes, Folk songs, sea shanties, hymns, public domain music, and re write it and re imagine it, making the tracks scary and haunting!

You will probably know the names of all the songs on the album, but you would never have heard them played like this! The first song i wanted to share with you guys was ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’, that well known Nursery Rhyme – get ready to have your childhood twisted! Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is a well known nursery rhyme from the 19th Centur...

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The X Men 90s Cartoon musical remake

Good morning fellow Horror Music lovers!

I’m writing this as I have finished up two feature length films recently (The Midnight Horror Show and Valley of the Witch from Northbank Entertainment). I had some free time on my hands between projects so thought I would have a little fun!

It’s been on my mind now for a while to do a musical remake and remix of the original theme from the 90′s cartoon ‘The X Men’ (which I was a huge fan of!)

So here it is! I took the original themes, added some additional synth based electronic parts, harmonized some sections, and added this huge pounding drum pattern. It retains the original ideas of the song but also adds some fresh life and really gives the piece a new leash of life! You can check it out here -

To give it a little more sparkle I ripped t...

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