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Save the original Psycho House – Music from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho

Going all the way back to 1960 for this next blog post!

Alfred Hitchcock released his 1960 film ‘Psycho’ to an audience perhaps not ready for it. The music used in the film was composed entirely for strings with no brass, woodwind or percussion. This is somewhat surprising considering the percussive style that comes out in THAT shower scene. The score, written by legendary film composer Bernard Hermann, was to set standards and has an iconic sound in the world of horror films.

The music for the shower scene is probably the most famous (and most imitated) cue in film music,

Steven Smith

Bernard Hermann Biographer

Check out the original theme below -

The reason why we are focussing on Psycho this month is that a very important piece of Horror movie history needs a little help...

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Horror Music gets a face lift!

Welcome to the brand new website and blog for!

The whole Blog has had a complete face lift, and is looking more scary and deadly than ever!

If this is your first time here then welcome! We talk all about Horror music, in films, games, radio, theatre and even in classical music!

To start the new blog off with a bang, check out this great interview with John Carpenter all about his music for the original Halloween film!


I can play just about any keyboard but I can’t read or write a note.

John Carpenter

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Happy New Year Horror Music Bloggers!

A big happy new year from everyone at!

There are some great Horror movies being released in 2014, including a new Paranormal Activity, Resident Evil 6, a Haunted House 2 and Wolfcreek 2.

With new movies come plenty of new movie soundtracks! So we start the new year with a question -

What is your favorite Horror movie sound track of all time? Enter the poll above and we will calculate the results by next month!

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New Sound of Souls Teaser Track!

Work is going well on my Horror Concept album the Sound of Souls!

A great collection of Sea Shanties, Hymns, Nursery Rhymes, and much much more! Spread across 3 acts, the concept album shows horror music in a new light!

Check out the teaser track below -


Just 7 days to go until the end of the Kick Starter Campaign! You can back this project with just $5!!!!

Over and out

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My brand new Horror Concept album ‘The Sound of Souls’

Over the last few years I have been toying with the idea of writing an original and unique Horror concept album.

It has shaped my thinking a LOT over the last 12 months or so, and now I have finally committed to making it happen!

I am going to be taking a variety of songs such as nursery rhymes, sea shanties, old folk songs, hymns, and re writing them in minor keys making them haunting and scary! Mixed in with this will also be my own horror music.

I have launched a brand new Kick Starter campaign to raise funds to get the album duplicated. There are loads of great rewards you can get if you donate, so check it out!

Kick Starter Sound of Souls funding campaign

Over and out!

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Halloween is upon us!

Sorry that’s in been a while everyone!

It’s been a busy summer. I’ve finished the music for the film ‘Don’t Go To The Reunion’ from Slasher Studios ( Check out the trailer here -

It’s a great retro 80s style Slasher movie. I contributed some of the title music for the intro and outro credits, along with around 8 minutes of the final kill scene right at the end!

Next up is a feature length that i’m doing the music from start to finish! It’s a great movie called ‘The Campground’, check out the trailer below -

So far we are about 20 minutes of the way through on the score. Some very haunting themes going on. We also plan to release a soundtrack from the film so will post more info on that when it comes out!

Hope all is well in Horror music land, and don’t forget to h...

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Time Space Bundle – Dark Skies, Alien Skies and Deep Impact

Cinematic tension, epic orchestral cues, dramatic tension hybrid music… these are all words that are used quite a lot in our industry; it’s quite a popular genre these days. But what if you want a little more than just strings, brass and percussion? What if you have composed a masterpiece, but it just needs that little something extra to spice up the musical cake?
Available on Time, this bundle includes 3 separate products, Dark Skies, Alien Skies and Deep impact. You get three superb libraries with hundreds of patches, construction kits, wav files and much more.
Dark Skies is aimed at Cinematic ambiences, so plenty of soundscapes, drones, FX, e.t.c.
Alien Skies is the sequel to Dark Skies, and takes the library further with textures, hits, and much much more.
Deep Impact a...
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New Horror music from Forrest Wilson

Today’s review is from a music composer called Forrest Wilson. Forrest composes dark and scary Horror music, and has a great selection on his You Tube channel –

One of the first songs I listened to has a lot of inspiration from John Carpenters Halloween sound track –

Firstly I LOVE the use of effects on this track, and the use of reversed sounds give it a great edge.

Next one I picked up on was the Mamoth 32 minute long track

Some interesting ideas here, but I feel it needs just a bit more variety. Writing a track that lasts 32 minutes is a BIG feat, and I feel that this tracks just needs more variety.

I did love the effects and synths on this one, Fo...

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Monolith Album Review – Atavistic

This month we are reviewing a Horror album from Mike Rothwell over in New Zealand. Mike approached us about doing his work, and we are only to happy to have a listen! This is from the composer Mike -

“The album very closely resembles a film score, albeit an extremely dark and apocalyptic one! There are no pyrotechnic displays of dexterity – it’s all about creating the darkest mood I possibly could over the course of 45 minutes.”

Firstly the album is a 5 track EP, but some tracks are quite considerable in length (Meggido stands at 20 minutes long!). It’s a collection of ethereal soundscapes, drones, textures, ambiences, that are scary, mysterious and suspenseful.

The full album can be found here -

The album starts off with the opening track Atavistic...

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